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Spiritual Life

The spiritual life of each student is very important and one area of focus included in the mission of Piedmont. Many aspects of the campus life contribute to the spiritual development of the students,  but we also realize activity alone does not build or grow a spiritual life. The foundation of a spiritual life is a relationship with Jesus Christ. The University provides an atmosphere and events that are conducive to building a spiritual life. Some of the events include chapel, dorm devotions and prayer, conferences and concerts. Unlike secular universities, classes at Piedmont begin with prayer, and courses are taught with the goal of helping students develop spiritually.

There are a number of areas that support or help develop a stronger spiritual life.


Chapel attendance is just as important at PIU as class attendance. Chapel attendance is not only beneficial to spiritual growth but also provides needed fellowship among faculty, staff, and students. Chapel services are held every day, Tuesday-Friday, beginning at 10:45. Chapel provides an opportunity for students to be exposed to good speakers, pastors, leaders and Christian music. Chapel is also recorded and available for anyone to hear. Any meeting or activity scheduled during chapel must be approved by the Director of Student Services no less than 24 hours in advance.

Chapel Recordings

Selected chapel messages will be made available in a variety of ways. You can watch many of our chapels live on our YouTube channel. View our current chapel schedule for a list of upcoming chapels that will be available through live streaming. Chapel typically begins at 10:45am.

Watch Chapel Recordings

Chapel Schedule

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Church Attendance

All students are required to faithfully attend a local church approved by the Director of Christian Service. Students must attend the same church for all services unless they are returning home or for special events. Exceptions must be approved beforehand by the Director of Christian Service. Students are required to attend churches that are Baptistic in polity and doctrine. A student who wishes to continue attending his or her home church may request permission to do so as part of the admission process. 
New and returning students must make a decision concerning the church they will attend by the fourth Sunday of the semester they enter school. Returning students are required to attend the same church in the spring as they attended in the fall unless a change is approved by the Dean.
Students benefit from the conferences and special meetings of Salem Baptist Church as well as services held in other local Baptist churches.

Christian Service

Christian service is a vital part of university life at Piedmont International University. As students attend their local or home church each week they are expected to be an actively involved member in the ministry. Participation by all degree seeking students is required. Each semester, all students receive information regarding Christian Service with complete details about the procedure to follow.


Special conferences are held periodically throughout the academic year for personal growth and spiritual enrichment. Among these conferences are the Missions Conference, Prayer Emphasis Week and the Bible Conference. Scheduled times for these meetings are usually concurrent with the daily chapel schedule, but, occasionally, special services are also held during the evening. The Activities Calendar provides information regarding required sessions.

Dorm Devotions

Devotions will be held weekly on Tuesday evenings. Floor devotions, under the leadership of the RAs, may include singing, testimonies, and a Bible devotional. Attendance is required for all residents. The Deans strongly encourage each floor to form small prayer groups to meet on an informal basis.

Personal Devotions

In order for all students to grow and develop in their Christian lives, it is important that they schedule a specific quiet time to spend in communion with God through prayer and the reading of His Word.

Spiritual Week

During each semester a week of special meetings is conducted for the purpose of encouraging students in their personal relationships with Christ.

40 Days of Prayer

Each year in the spring the school joins in 40 Days of Prayer, led by Dr Pettit. This is a special intentional time that is highly focused in prayer.


Each semester there will be concerts/worship music presented for the students and guests from the community. The music is presented by our own music department and guest performers. Each Christmas season the concert, Candlelight Carols is presented which is a favorite of students, staff and the community.