What May I Bring


The following items are not included but are acceptable for use in student rooms and you may bring these to school:

Personal Items

  • Portable hair dryer
  • Curling iron/brush
  • Hot Rollers
  • Clothes Iron
  • Toothbrush/water pick
  • Electric Shaver/Razor
  • Lighted make-up mirror

Cooking Items

  • Small refrigerator (less than 3 cubic feet)
  • Coffee pot
  • Hot pot (closed coil)
  • Hot Plate(closed coil)
  • George Foreman Grill(personal size)
  • Popcorn popper (closed coil)

Comfort Items

  • Clock
  • Portable fan
  • Radio
  • Music player
  • Small TV (less than 40”)
  • Sewing machine
  • Heating pad
Bed Linens

Sheets are to be brought to school by each student and kept on the beds at all times. In addition, each student must provide a mattress pad (39 inches wide) or a mattress cover (zippered vinyl) which is to be kept on the bed at all times.