What do I need to do for financial aid?

Login to FAST using your Student ID and your 5 digit PIN. Be sure the green banner at the top of the page is reflecting the academic year you are referring to.



Click the Menu to find Documents Needed.




Where do I find the forms I need?

If you need a FAFSA, go to https://fafsa.gov.

If you need a student loan entrance counseling or the Master Promissory Note, go to https://studentloans.gov.

All other Piedmont forms, go to the Forms menu option to download a pdf copy. 

How do I submit a form to the financial aid office?

When you complete a FAFSA, the U.S. Department of Education will send the school your student aid report within 2-4 business days. When you complete your FAST scholarship application, this is completing when you click submit at the end of the application.

Other pdf copies of your forms should be faxed to the aid office at 336.714.7820. Do NOT email copies of pages that contain your full social security number! NEVER email any document that has your social security number.

Where do I find my student ID?

The student ID is at the top of your financial aid letters, listed on your portal, and at the top of your tuition billing statements. Should you need to know your student ID #, please email financialaid@piedmontu.edu from your Piedmont email address, or call the office.

How many credits do I need to take to be eligible for financial aid?

This question depends on your academic program.

Undergrad students can take any number of credits and be eligible for Pell grants. If a student is enrolled 1-5 credits, they will receive 25% of their Pell award. A student enrolled 6-8 credits will receive 50% of their Pell award. Credits 9-11 will be awarded 75% of Pell award. A student enrolled in 12 or more credits will receive 100% of Pell award for that semester.

Undergrad students must take a minimum 6 credits per semester to be eligible for Piedmont aid. The only exception to this would be a senior in their final semester.

To be eligible for student loans, undergrad students need a minimum 6 credits per semester. Graduate students need 6 credits per semester to be eligible for loans.

Doctoral students need 3 credits per semester to be eligible for loans.

Graduate and Doctoral students are eligible for Piedmont aid for all credits they enroll.

I want to begin payment the interest on my student loans. Where do I send the payments?

Locate your loan servicer at https://nslds.ed.gov or https://studentloans.gov. Download your financial aid history. This will show all grants and loans and the assigned servicer for any loan products. Contact the servicer to set up online access. This will help you monitor your payment history. Remember to locate your tax documents each year to calculate your total interest payments.

What if I change my enrollment plans?

The FAST scholarship application is an estimation of your enrollment plans. We understand plans are fluid, but this is an attempt to anticipate your needs. When a student registers for the semester, the financial aid office will modify the scholarship calculations, and possibly Pell and loan calculations too. This is normally updated between 1-2 business days after a student registers. Monitor your FAST for these updates. You can find the semester breakdown on the Awards menu or the Disbursement Details menu.

If a student changes their enrollment during the semester, the scholarships will follow the refund policy. Example: I am enrolled in 15 credits, and I get the Stevens scholarship. My current award is $85 * 15 credits = $1,275 for this semester. I drop a session II course, which brings my credit load to 12 credits. If Session II has not yet started, I get 100% of my tuition refunded, and 100% of my scholarship would be adjusted. Now the scholarship will be 12 credits @ $85 = $1,020 for the semester.

In the same scenario, if I drop the Session II course after it starts, I may get a partial refund of tuition and a partial scholarship.

Drop Session II course (3 credits) with a 90% refund.

Scholarship for those 3 credits = $85 * 10% = $8.50 * 3 credits = $25.50 earned scholarship.

New scholarship for the semester = 12 credits @ $85 + 3 credits @ $8.50 = $1045.50 for the semester. Scholarships are always rounded up to the dollar. You would see $1046 on the FAST details.

I need more money for school. What are my options?

Check out the External Scholarships page on the Piedmont website. A link is also provided on your FAST. We have dozens of scholarships that outside agencies are sponsoring. Please participate in these opportunities!

Some basic scholarship rules:

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!
  2. Be careful who you are sending your information to, and what you are sending them. You do NOT need to send your social security number for any scholarship application.
  3. NEVER EVER pay for any scholarship. They cost can be referred to as processing fees or application fees. These are scams!
  4. Check your local community first for opportunities. This could include your local banks/credit unions, Better Business Bureau, newspapers/tv/radio, Utility companies, town committee or organizations like 4-H, American Legion, church groups, and many others.

I can’t remember my FAFSA login ID.

Go to https://fsaid.ed.gov. Click Manage My Account. You can provide your email and date of birthday. It will send you a 6 number secure code to reset your password.

My FAFSA account is locked! What do I do?

Call the feds: 1-800-4FED-Aid. They can assist you over the phone.

What is included in financial aid?

This includes all Piedmont grants and scholarships, federal grants, and federal loans.