Students playing volleyball

An urban campus with a suburban feel.

Piedmont International University is home to a vibrant, diverse, multicultural, and exciting campus life. No matter what your interests are, you will find a group of people who are likely to share your passions and become life-long friends. Through social clubs, events, and campus activities, you will be able to enjoy the rich array of co-curricular options that will make your educational journey memorable throughout your lives.

Our intimate and caring environment fosters cooperation rather than competition, and gives the educational experience a deeper meaning. Students and faculty work collaboratively and respectfully as they seek to solve old and new problems, develop new knowledge, and learn together. This makes learning fun and rewarding.

Outside the classroom, PIU athletics is at the heart of campus life. Whether it is our basketball team coached by a former NBA All-Star or other sporting activities, there is plenty to excite both the recreational sports enthusiast and the die-hard competitor. And if campus sports are insufficient, there is plenty of other collegiate and professional sports action within the city and beyond.

PIU's location in the growing city of Winston-Salem also gives students the best of all worlds — a medium sized city's many attractions, proximity to larger cities (Washington DC is just under 5 hours drive), and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. There are several airports – both domestic and international – within easy reach. And beaches, national parks, hiking, casinos, etc. are all within driving range of the campus.

Finally, living here is extremely affordable - meaning that students have access to what the city has to offer whether it is fine dining or the theatre.