The goal was reached but you can still give to honor Dr. Hoyle Bowman

He Finished His Course

November 1, 1927--August 23, 2016

On August 23, 2016, Dr. Hoyle Bowman left this earth and was welcomed into the literal heaven he taught about so faithfully.  No one has loved and served Piedmont more than Dr. Bowman. For over 50 years, this dedicated man of God, served the school by teaching and working from his office in Deeds Hall.

The Bowman family has requested that Piedmont receive donations to honor Dr. Hoyle Bowman's 51 years of faithful service at the university.

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As stated by so many, “Dr. Bowman was a difference maker!” He was loved. He was honored. He was respected. Certainly his life and legacy should be honored in a permanent, lasting way.  You now have an opportunity to make a difference with your donation and honor him through the Hoyle Bowman Memorial Fund.

Dr. Bowman was aware this giving opportunity would take place and when you give you follow his example and desire of giving regularly to ensure the health of the school he loved so much. Shortly after his death his family asked that Piedmont honor him in three ways.

  • Help ensure the health of the school
  • Rename the School of Bible and Theology to The Hoyle and Lucille Bowman School of Bible and Theology as a permanent memorial to the 51 years of faithfulness to God and the great investment he made into his students. A minimum of $250,000 is required for a school naming opportunity as decided by the board of trustees many years ago. Together we can accomplish this goal and rename the school.
  • Beautify the entrance and walkways of Deeds Hall as another lasting and visual memorial to Dr. Bowman. With your gift of $150 or more you can purchase an engraved brick that will be used to create the new walkway. This walkway will serve as a lasting reminder of Dr. Bowman's impact and contribution to Piedmont. When you order a brick you may personalize your message to recognize family members, your graduation, or place a name in memory of someone dear to you. This beautiful yet durable brick with the engraving will last for many years to come and will permanently place your name or message in honor of Dr. Bowman here at Piedmont International University.

Two style bricks are available that can be engraved with your personalized message.

4x8:  $150  This brick allows for 3 lines of text with 18 characters on each line.  The school has added a feature  that will allow everyone to purchase a brick by dividing the $150 into 5 equal monthly payments of only $30.

8x8:   $500  This brick allows for 6 lines of text with 18 characters on each line and can include a logo. Make the complete payment or divide this into 10 equal payments of only $50.

Thank you for honoring Dr. Bowman’s life and legacy by investing in the Hoyle Bowman Memorial Fund.

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